Andriëtte Norman


After Andriëtte Norman was crowned as the runner-up of the 2007 Idols South Africa singing competition, she launched her debut album, Diamant, in 2008.

Andriëtte already tasted success early in her career and was marvelled at by Afrikaans music lovers. In 2008 she received a Vonk award for Diamant in the Best Contemporary female album category. In 2009 she released Dink Aan My, followed by Vat My Hoër in 2011.

This Capetonian was born and bred in Brackenfell. She felt right at home on big stages such as Huisgenoot Skouspel, and performed hits composed especially for her by Steve Hofmeyr en Rudi Claase.

She was awarded a Ghoema in 2014 for Wat Rym met Liefde as Best Contemporary Female album.

She remembers: “I had a wonderful childhood with fond memories of playing rugby and cricket with my brother. The singing bug bit me during my primary school years when the choir teacher gave me a microphone and asked me to sing in front of the choir.”

At that moment she knew she just wanted to sing.

Six albums later she is one of the most popular Afrikaans artists, seen and heard often on the stages of big festivals and events like the Krone concert.

“Of course I have my favourite songs,” she admits. Steve’s Napoleon and Rudi’s Sewe Oseane rise above the rest.

After school Andriëtte trained in the beauty industry and owned a clothing boutique. These days she acts as an event planner and her hobbies include being a nutritionist.

She describes herself as having a fine sense of humour.

“I love being able to make people laugh, although I can also be serious and deep. In general I always have a smile on my face. I like talking to people,” she says.

In the extremely competitive Afrikaans music industry she is especially thankful towards the late Theuns Jordaan. Andriëtte tells: “Theuns took me under his wing directly after Idols and invited me to perform with him. I will never forget this.”

Andriëtte and Glynn Moolman have been happily married for the past few years, and she has three boys that keep her busy. “At the moment I am working on new material, but I am also working on myself. Working toward a healthier, happier me!” she proclaims.

After she was signed with a local label for the past 15 years, Andriette is now a proud, independent artist in the Afrikaans music industry.

If she could gaze into the crystal ball to peek at herself in twenty years, she would like to see a woman who lived each moment to the fullest, someone who didn’t allow any opportunity to pass her by. “If I can still do what I love, namely singing and performing, it will be a bonus. I hope to have an English hit somewhere on my journey,” she added.